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CPI's Breaking Up Fights™: Intervention Skills Training

Give school staff skills to prevent physical aggression between pupils, assess risk, and respond with appropriate interventions to promote a culture of safety in your school.


  • Maximise safety by learning intervention principles and physical skills

  • Empower effective decision-making

  • Strengthen staff responses through reflection and resilience-building

  • Clarify staff responsibilities around physical interventions

  • Elevate composure through rational detachment, risk assessment and scripting


  1. Apply key intervention principles safely

  2. Recognise risk behaviour and make appropriate response decisions

  3. Identify best practices for reflection, resilience, prevention

  4. Identify observable behaviour patterns for planned/unplanned fights

  5. Remove ambiguity around when/how to intervene physically

  6. Apply risk assessment, scripting to stay composed during incidents

3-hour interactive programme, ideal for twilight sessions or INSET days. Includes physical skills to maximise safety and minimise harm for all involved.

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