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Autism Phase 1

Build a foundation of knowledge and strategies to support students on the autism spectrum.

"Extremely happy and satisfied with the course, delivery and content. Very interesting and informative. Lots of useful, helpful tips to consider."

The Christie Day Nursery


20th September, 3.30pm - 5pm

1.5 Hours

Live, interactive online training

Suitable for all teaching staff 

Autism Phase 1:
Here's What You'll Learn

Developmental Differences

Gain a deep understanding of the four key areas of developmental difference in autism, including social communication, social interaction, flexibility in thinking, and sensory processing. Explore how these areas impact a child's overall development, learning, and everyday functioning. Develop a comprehensive knowledge base to better understand and support the unique needs of children with autism.

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Building Profiles

Recognise the importance of getting to know the individual child and build a profile including their strengths and interests.

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Positive Relationships

Understand how to help children with autism build positive relationships with staff and peers.

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Daily Challenges

Raise awareness and understanding of other challenges autism can present, such as sensory processing difficulties and anxiety.


Explore strategies to create sensory-friendly environments and provide appropriate accommodations. Develop an awareness of anxiety and learn techniques to support children with autism in managing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being.

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Booking Further Autism Training with Milestone Education

FREE 500 Page

Autism Resource Pack

When you book Autism Phase 2, we  guarantee that you'll derive maximum value from your training, and we're delighted to provide you with a comprehensive resource pack. This valuable compilation includes a wide range of ready-to-use templates, checklists, and educational materials that will save you time and effort in developing and implementing inclusive strategies.

Online Learning
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Engage directly with our accomplished trainers who have provided SEND advice to Local Authorities nationwide. Seize the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from their extensive expertise. Benefit from their practical wisdom and learn how to effectively tailor interventions and support for students with special educational needs and disabilities.

Practical Guidance

+ Immediate Implementation

Explore a wealth of practical guidance and strategies that you can readily implement in your classrooms. Discover effective approaches to managing diverse learning needs, building inclusive classroom environments, and optimising student engagement.

Boys at School

Develop a 'Whole School Approach'

Designed specifically for middle and senior leadership, our Autism Phase 3 course empowers educational leaders to implement a comprehensive and cohesive whole school approach to supporting students with autism. Gain the knowledge and skills to develop a strategic plan that integrates autism support across all aspects of your school community. Learn how to create a culture of inclusivity, establish clear communication channels, and collaborate effectively with staff, parents, and external stakeholders.

I can highly recommend the Phase Two Autism Training, it was brilliant. It was perfectly pitched to where we are at as a school, with both assurances for the things we are already doing, as well as in depth work around key aspects of autism and how we needed to progress.

Caroline Rees


Granby Junior School

I liked the different ideas and strategies that can be used to support the children in my setting. A lot of aspects will help me in the classroom setting.

Shelley Pressick

Four Dwellings Primary Academy

Sara was an excellent trainer. She was very aware of our needs and responded accordingly. She pitched the talk and discussion/activities just right. As a SENDCo herself, she was able to talk from relevant and first hand experience and answered our questions with up to date knowledge. That made a real difference.

Caroline Rees


Granby Junior School

The 7 senses information was great - learning of the two other senses and how these can affect children was really useful.

Leanne Jones

St Helen's Primary Academy

Whistle-stop informative session. Lots of relevant information given with examples.

Sarah Gibbs     Hall Road Academy

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