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I am very excited to invite you and your pupils to participate in the "Milestone Olympics".


An exciting opportunity to get your students thinking about the upcoming Olympics and to express themselves creatively. 

All led by me, Megan Miller - you might have seen my name in your inbox, and if not, let me introduce myself! 

I've recorded a video message, especially for the occasion explaining who I am and what you need to do to win £100!

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Megan Miller



Forget Paris 2024 - Milestone Education is holding its very own Olympics this summer and we are inviting your school to feel the team spirit and bring your most competitive pupils. 


Should you choose to accept, we are challenging you and your pupils to unleash their creativity by designing a unique kit that would represent your school.

This is an opportunity for them to showcase their artistic abilities and win a £100 voucher for their schools.

We look forward to seeing your entries and the school pride that this may inspire in your pupils!

Click the button below to download our kit worksheet and assemble your best Olympic team.

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