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Child-Centred Learning


Within our Recruitment division we are proud to represent high-calibre talent that share our vision of making a difference to recruitment and retention. Through highly skilled environment mapping we ensure we have the tools to create the best possible match for both candidates and schools we partner with.

Our mission is to reduce recruitment and retention challenges within schools through various methods including probation hire, permanent recruitment and our exclusive relationships with universities. These relationships enable us to make early introductions for NQTs and ECTs to create exciting career long opportunities for all parties.

We also target impactful growth by supporting schools with emergency and short term cover, attainment progress and tuition support via our Challenge + Tuition service.



Short Term and Emergency Cover

Attracting a highly effective talent pool, who will support schools on a temporary basis whilst delivering high quality teaching, be that for a day’s cover or ongoing support. There will be no compromise on results for children with the candidates we represent.



Fixed Contract and

Permanent Vacancies

A proactive recruitment solution that headhunts key staff members, supports success planning processes and is an all-round forward thinking recruitment option for schools, academies and multi-academy trusts.

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Temp-to-Perm Contracts

A route into permanent placements. Focusing on recruitment and retention, the probation hire allows a school and individual to assess all areas of suitability before appointment. The consultant analyses the match process fully by considering the environment, belief system and ethos of both school and candidate to ensure a higher scoring ratio. It has a 98.5% success rate and proven track record that retention rates will increase through this pathway.

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Gifted and Talented

A child-centred education offering that focuses on Gifted and Talented students and accelerating their academic learning to enhance their full results potential. This can be delivered both in school and as additional support for home learning.

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Intervention and Pupil Progress

A team of specialists that review and assess children’s learning gaps, to create targeted learning interventions to help bridge the gap in attainment.
Each school will have an initial assessment before agreed pupil progress plans are implemented to work with children who need additional academic support.



Exclusive University Relationships

A proactive recruitment partnership, working exclusively with PGCE universities. We identify upcoming talent which enables us to make early introductions for schools looking to take on teachers of the future who will be qualifying as ECTs. This solution will give you early access to new and fresh talent.



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