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Moving is the door to learning Paul E Dennison Brain Gym

The safe place where you can explore bringing sensory integration into young people’s everyday school life and promote positive inclusion.

This short and snappy sensory motor skills programme will help children prepare for their day ahead whilst improving their cognition and attention throughout the day.


It will also encourage them to self-regulate during times when they may feel overloaded by their learning as well as providing a transitional space for your practitioners to lean on it potentially challenging situations.

"Sensory pathways provide a structured activity that can help children regulate their emotions and reduce feelings of stress or anxiety."

Dr. Jane Smith
Occupational Therapy for Children

Sensory Pathway Sticker Design
Sensory Pathway Sticker Design  Sensory Space Walk

Pathway Themes and  Packages

We offer a variety of Sensory Pathway themes and  packages to suit different needs and budgets.


Our packages include a range of graphics and themes, such as 'Sports Circuit' and 'Sensory Space Walk'.


Each theme is carefully designed to provide a variety of sensory experiences and challenges, and can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your children.

Ordering a
Sensory Pathway

Ordering your Sensory Pathway couldn't be simpler!

In addition to our Bestsellers, you can also request a Bespoke Pathway Package. Our team can work with you to create a Sensory Pathway that is tailored to the specific needs of your school and children. 

Sensory Street Pathway Example

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The process with Milestone Education was exceptional from initial concept to the fitting of the pathways.

Jo Jacobs


Gosford Park Primary

"The Sensory Street pathways have been a great addition to our school community. You no longer hear 'No running in the corridors!' as the children are completely engaged in the following the pathway.


The children use the pathways for movement breaks and before starting lessons, both as individuals and whole classes, to really improve their focus and concentration.

The pathways enable all learners to be ‘ready to learn’ and are a great opportunity to refocus children during a lesson when needed. The feedback from children and staff has been 100% positive.


The process with Milestone Education was exceptional from initial concept to the fitting of the pathways. They really listened to what we wanted and tailored it to our school. We are very pleased with the outcome."

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