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Our Wellbeing division promotes positive inclusion for every single staff member and every single child.


Broken down into four key areas, our solutions concentrate on child-centred learning objectives that emphasise bringing children’s learning to life, embedding social, emotional, and physical development.

We are determined to inspire change in this area and accelerate the importance of wellbeing within our industry.

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Wriggle & Pulse

Active and Creative Workshops

Skill-building workshops designed to develop social, emotional and physical growth. Choose from our range of advanced sports sessions, yoga and dance classes, drama workshops and even public services. Each workshop can be enjoyed online or delivered within the classroom by a fully vetted specialist.

Happy Portrait

Wellbeing Support

Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies

A wellbeing programme that works with students and teachers to optimise their wellbeing within schools through targeted interventions, new and fun ideas and gives everybody an effective voice.
This solution is all about how we support a school's ability to listen, connect and support every individual within their setting, creating optimised performance for all.

for Adulthood

Student-facing courses

Student-facing courses designed to explore the challenges that can present during adult life; equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to manoeuvre their way through complex subjects and real-life situational events.


The Preparation for Adulthood courses are CPD certified and each student will receive a certification on completion of the sessions.

Reinvesting in
Our Community

Giving back, to

progress forward

As part of our efforts to sustain and progress Wellbeing within our partnered schools, our Reinvestment schemes create opportunity for us to show support for the education community in ways that enhance the livelihood of both staff and students.

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