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Active and Creative Workshops


Our drama and roleplay sessions are a fun and energetic way for children to build imagination, confidence and social skills. They are also an ideal complement to creative writing, story telling and dance classes. Little ones will have fun using their imagination and developing skills in movement, voice and dramatic play.


Multi-sports sessions that will complement existing PE lessons by focusing on cognitive and communication development in sports. They are delivered in a fun, safe environment where coaches focus on teaching the fundamentals of each sport. Boost the development of social, emotional and physical growth through team building activities, improve hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, as well as providing a fun activity which children enjoy attending!


These dance movement workshops for children are a fun way to explore emotions, rhythm and body coordination. Children are encouraged to get active whilst creating dances at their own level. A fun way to encourage fine and gross motor skills.


Because children learn better when they’re feeling focused and calm, it’s important we introduce the world of mindfulness to them at a young age.

Designed to gently guide children into a more active, mindful way of being.

Mindful Movement sessions focus on building strength and flexibility while reducing stress and anxiety. Take your children on a journey of self-discovery as they learn to hone their concentration and increase focus through movement.

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