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Liquid Timer

The combination fascinates our 6-year-old and although the liquid timers have already fallen off several times, none have broken yet.

These liquid timers, also known as liquid motion bubblers, can benefit children with SEND in the classroom by providing visual and sensory stimulation that can help them regulate their emotions and behaviours. The slow movement of the liquid and colourful bubbles can be calming and provide a sense of predictability and routine. This can help children with autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder feel more at ease. Additionally, watching the liquid timer can improve concentration and maintain focus, which can help children better engage with academic tasks.

Thick and Burr-Free Material

The decompression timer toy is made of highly transparent plastic with a smooth and burr-free appearance. It is thick, of high quality, and not easily broken. The liquid inside is made of a mixture of mineral oil and water, making it safe for contact with the skin.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. Liquid mixture of mineral oil and water is safe on skin contact. No harmful substances used in the manufacturing process. Ideal for children and adults with special needs.


Liquid Timer
Liquid Timer
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