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Uncover effective strategies to support students with dyscalculia and improve mathematical skills.

"Sara made an amazing presentation."

The Mall School


CPD Certified  

3 Hours  |  Live, interactive online training

Suitable for all teaching staff 

Payable by invoice  |  14 day payment terms

Who should take this course?

This course will empower all staff working in primary, secondary and SEND settings to develop the skills to support children with dyscalculia in class. 


This training will cover practical advice and guidance from industry expert trainers who have previously advised Local Authorities nationwide.


Gain a deeper understanding of what Dyscalculia is and how to effectively support children in your setting. Secure your space now if you are currently working as a:

  • Teacher

  • SEND Teacher

  • Teaching Assistant 

  • Key Worker

  • HLTA

  • Early Years Professional

Did you know...

Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty that affects a child’s ability to understand and use mathematics.

It is estimated that around 6-7% of children in the UK have dyscalculia - a significant proportion of the school population.

Children with dyscalculia often struggle with basic Maths concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction. They may also have difficulties with sequencing, understanding fractions and measuring time.

Here's What You'll Learn

Awareness + Understanding

Raise awareness and improve your understanding about dyscalculia.

Similarities + Differences

Explore the similarities and differences that children with dyscalculia share with children who have dyslexia.


Delve into the different theories of the causes of dyscalculia.


Learn how to recognise the symptoms of dyscalculia and how its diagnosed.


Explore strategies and techniques that will support pupils' learning. Discover evidence-based approaches that have proven successful in assisting pupils with dyscalculia in developing their mathematical skills.


Safe in the hands of the experts...

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Gain expert advice and guidance from industry experts trusted by Local Authorities nationwide...

At Milestone Education, your training is always led by an experienced education professional in your chosen subject.


Our team is made up of educators and practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience in safeguarding, leadership, and management, among other areas. They hold Degrees, Masters, and PhDs in their field, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge to improve teacher retention and benefit all children.

Our interactive and engaging learning experience ensures you get the most from your training, with feedback and questions welcomed.


Choose Milestone Education to invest in your professional development with the best educators in the industry.

See why education professionals all over the UK 
are using Milestone Education as their chosen Training Provider

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Very Engaging.

Craig Stringer

Roch CP School


"There was so much in the course that will be useful, both to myself and colleagues. As a school, our focus currently is Oracy, and the opening of the presentation helped me to focus on exactly where I need to focus activities and support. But the practical advice later, will be so useful for colleagues who are developing children's ability to communicate, regardless of ability.


The presenter, Sara, was very engaging, and clearly passionate about children and learning. having sat through so many zoom courses, and feeling a passenger, Sara really brought the subject to life and I felt fully engaged."

Ready to become a more inclusive practitioner?

Book your space on this course for fast results and lasting impact.

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