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CPI's Classroom Culture

Fosters positive culture starting in the classroom. Provides techniques to implement consistent, sustainable principles to prevent/mitigate need for de-escalation.


  • Easy to adopt and implement Five Core Principles

  • Enhances your current behaviour management initiatives

  • Helps embed behaviour management culture


  1. Reinforce Five Core Principles to ensure consistent teaching

  2. Equip teachers with de-escalation tools to create a calm classroom environment

  3. Provide sustainable routines and interventions to address disruptions

  4. Build staff skills in positive reinforcement and restorative practices

Flexibility of delivery. Can be delivered by one of our behaviour experts as a whole school, one-day training in your school, or to specific member(s) of your team, for them to become certified instructor(s), able to deliver the modules to all your staff flexiibly through the year.

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