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Investing in Outcomes

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Investing in staff training is an essential part of any school's growth. When teachers and administrators are well-trained, they can foster an environment of learning that leads to better student outcomes. But providing CPD on a budget means schools have to assess need vs. want when selecting the right training for staff.

The pandemic has definitely highlighted the need to invest in staff training, especially with regard to SEND.

After disrupting the education of 1.6 billion students worldwide [2], the consequences for children have been particularly damaging, with disadvantaged and vulnerable children falling behind the most.

In order to meet the needs of these children, schools must ensure that their teachers are able to effectively support their students and the challenges accumulated during the pandemic, such as as getting exams back to normal, addressing inequality, providing support for vulnerable students [1], and recovering lost knowledge and skills.

Other issues include the disruption of physical and mental development, the impact of digital classrooms and online learning [3], and the need for social distancing and cleanliness. All of these challenges have been felt heavily by deprived schools, making access to education more difficult.

Many schools have already invested in much needed post-pandemic training for their staff, to provide the best possible support for students with special educational needs [1]. In addition, recent case studies have shown that investing in staff training in this area can be beneficial for both the students and the schools themselves [3].

Carefully selecting the right training in the right areas of development ensures that staff have the skills to create an inclusive setting where pupils feel safe, engaged and ready to learn. It also helps staff to understand the needs of their pupils and create individualised plans that meet those needs and promote positive behaviour.

Where do I start? And what about my budget?

Milestone Education's Training division allows for schools to select individual topics or bespoke CPD packages that their whole staff can complete together, promoting a whole school approach to SEND.

Our CPD Suite also includes Strategy, Change and Leadership courses which can upskill staff to prepare for leadership roles, streamline HR processes, improve school finances and learn how to effectively redistribute expenditure, make substantial savings and even generate additional income.


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