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The Wellbeing Box (95 items)

The Wellbeing Box (95 items)


Equip your school for success with The Wellbeing Box. This all-in-one bundle contains 95 of our most popular teacher and student wellbeing products for one affordable price, saving your school over £390!


Nurture healthy minds and reflective practices with tools to enrich classroom environments school-wide. This robust bundle includes highly effective resources like:




Promote Calm Environments


Calming Corner Posters (18 posters) - Our set of calming space posters feature soothing imagery and mindfulness prompts to transport students into a relaxed state for self-regulation. Choose from primary (ZenDen) or secondary (ZenZone) designs.


Sensory Explorer Cards (6 decks) - These multisensory cards encourage imaginative play to help students enhance focus, self-regulation and flexible thinking. Great for diverse learners.


Wellbeing Tree (6 wall decal sets) - A simple yet powerful tool for promoting self-regulation and emotional awareness. Use this wall decal to promote emotional awareness in pupils, allowing private expression of feelings through detachable leaves, fostering a supportive, empathetic classroom environment.



Build Confidence + Connection


Confidence Cards (6 decks) - Allow students to discover inner strengths with these creative prompt cards. Fosters self-belief and positive peer connections.


Flashcards with Lanyards (6 lanyards) - Use visual cues to prompt and build communication skills for students who require extra support and scaffolding. Makes connecting through nonverbal cues simple in or out of the classroom.


Makaton Cards with Lanyards (6 lanyards) - Equip teachers with the Makaton alphabet using symbols, signs and speech to assist verbal students or those with communication challenges. Easy accessibility with lanyard cards.



Support Teacher Wellbeing


Teacher Wellbeing Posters (6 posters) - A friendly reminder for staff to reflect and practice regular self-care. Prompts balance and sustainability.


Teacher Reflection Notebooks (6 books) - Reflection prompts, goal-setting templates and self-care pages help educators celebrate wins, while preventing fatigue and burnout.


Americano Mugs (3 mugs) - Durable white mugs with secure lids are great for teachers to sip and transport hot drinks between classes or meetings. Easy-grip handles. Dishwasher safe.



Enable Organisation


A4 Deskpads (4 pads) - Spacious 50-page notepads designed for mapping out lesson plans, schedules, to-do lists and appointments. Helps staff stay focused on priorities.


Supply Handover Notes (10 pads) - Prompt supply staff to tidy and share feedback through guided sheets for seamless handovers between teachers. Builds classroom continuity.


Smart Steps Training Guides (6 books) - Immediately implement these practical guides packed with evidence-based strategies to enrich learning spaces.



Foster Engagement + Skills


Activity Books (12 books) - Entertaining workbooks to build cognitive, emotional and social skills through creative activities and mindful themes. Engaging for a variety of learners.


Purchase this bundle today to equip your environment for learning with care and purpose.

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