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Retractable Keyring

"Bought these for my kids for school. The quality is great, durable and they were very inexpensive. Great value!"

Designed to give to the child for zones of regulation cards or visuals so the child can communicate their needs, emotions and requests with the adult. This retractable badge holder set includes six bright colours. your child can use these keyrings to signal when they need help or want to communicate something important.

High-Quality and Convenient

Made from high-quality materials to ensure it is durable and long-lasting. This retractable badge holder set features chromed metal housing with durable plastic covers, a carabiner badge clip that's easy to secure to belt loops, backpacks, purses, and other objects. The retractable lanyard cord extends up to 27" for quick and easy scanning or swiping of your badge.

Safe and Easy-to-Use

With safety being top priority in the classroom the set is free of harmful substances such as BPA and is designed to be safe and easy to use.


Retractable Keyring
Retractable Keyring
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