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Sand Timer

"A great product to do fine motor control races with when playing games with EYFS children."

Help your children stay focused and regulate their emotions with Tink n Stink Sand Timers. These timers provide a visual representation of how long they have for the activity or how long until they can choose; reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of control.

Built to Last: Durable and Designed for Classroom Use

These colourful sand timers are made with durable acrylic protective casing, ensuring they withstand the daily wear and tear of classroom use. Each timer features easily identified embossed end caps with a time duration sticker for easy identification.

Safe and Effective: Perfect for Students with Special Needs

Tink n Stink Sand Timers are safe for students of all ages, featuring a strong and robust construction that protects against accidental drops and breakage. The sand timers are widely used in nurseries, pre-schools and classrooms for kids of all ages, including those with special needs.


Sand Timer
Sand Timer
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