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"Recently bought for my children for sensory breaks and regulation and has been used constantly. They love the variety of strengths, colours. The putty doesn't smell and I like that it doesn't seem to have and intense stickiness either so comes off things easily."

For children with special needs, everyday tasks such as writing or buttoning clothes can be challenging due to their difficulties with fine motor skills. However, using this Theraputty can be a valuable solution for enhancing grip strength and strengthening hand muscles, leading to improved fine motor skills. Additionally, this Theraputty can aid in enhancing focus and attention by providing a tactile sensory experience that can help students regulate their emotions and increase their ability to concentrate on tasks.

Theraputty exercises can also improve hand-eye coordination, which is essential for everyday tasks such as typing, writing, and sports. By using Theraputty, children with special needs can increase their ability to perform tasks that require both hand and eye coordination. Furthermore, Theraputty can also have a positive impact on emotional well-being by reducing anxiety and stress levels. It offers a calming sensory experience that can promote relaxation, regulate emotions, and ultimately improve academic and social performance.

Multiple Resistance Levels

This Therapy Putty comes in five different resistance levels, from extra soft to firm, allowing you to choose the perfect level of resistance for your needs. Each level is colour-coded for easy identification, making it easy to switch between different levels as you progress.

Non-Toxic, Non-Greasy and Odourless

This Therapy Putty is made of high-quality materials that are safe to use for both children and adults. It's free of harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause harm or discomfort to your hands, making it ideal for therapeutic purposes.


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