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Weighted Lap Pad

"Amazing, my little boy who has adhd absolutely loves it and it helps him sit still in school and actually do some work. Well worth the purchase."

Designed to provide deep pressure stimulation, this lap pad helps to calm and soothe students with sensory issues or anxiety. It's the perfect tool for improving focus and concentration during class, without causing a distraction or drawing attention to the student.

Durable and Wipe Clean

Made from soft and durable materials, this weighted lap pad is easy to clean and designed to last. It is also portable and can be used at home, in the car, or anywhere else your child needs a little extra comfort and support.

Guaranteed Quality and Safety

Professionally made and designed in Britain – guaranteed quality and safety. Constructed from quality materials - Oeko-Tex certified Minky Fabric on the front and 350gsm cotton fabric on the reverse. Filled with food contact safe HDPE plastic pellets.


Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Lap Pad
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