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How to Pass A Level + GCSE Exam Results Day with Flying Colours

Text reads "Good Luck: this A Level / GCSE results day"

Education heroes! We know A Level and GCSE results days can be just as nerve-wracking for you as it is for your pupils.

So here's the skinny on how to make results day that bit more manageable for everyone involved:

Create a Supportive Environment

Create a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere in the classroom or online where your pupils can discuss their results and concerns openly.

Arrange Individual Meetings

If possible, perhaps consider scheduling one-on-one meetings with pupils who might need extra support or guidance based on their results.

Recognise Effort

Acknowledge and commend the hard work your pupils put into their studies. There will be pupils with fantastic results who will still downplay their success. But no matter the outcomes, praising their efforts will help build confidence and motivation.

Set Realistic Expectations

Discuss the importance of looking beyond their results and focusing on personal growth and improvement. Whether good, or not-so-good, reinforce that these results are just one aspect of their learning journey.

Discuss Improvement Strategies

Encourage pupils to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement. Help them create actionable plans to enhance their skills.

Provide Resources

Offer resources for additional learning and skill development to those who want to further their understanding of specific subjects.

Maintain Open Communication

Stay available for questions or concerns even after results day. This ongoing support will reinforce your commitment to their progress.

Share Success Stories

Share stories of students who overcame challenges and achieved success. You'll provide some inspo to those who need it and show them that setbacks are not permanent.

Encourage Self-Reflection

Encourage pupils to think about what they've learned during their preparation and exams. Help them connect the process to the outcomes.

Plan for the Future

Discuss potential options and pathways based on their results. Whether it's further studies, career paths, or skill development, help them see the endless pathways and possibilities they have at their fingertips.

Oh to be young again!

Seek Feedback

After results day, consider gathering feedback from pupils about their experiences during preparation and exams. This can guide your teaching strategies in the future.

And most importantly... Stay Positive

Regardless of the outcomes, maintain a positive attitude. If your pupils are unhappy with their results, your optimism can inspire them to keep pushing forward. As important as results day is, it does not define them, or you. You both persevered through a pandemic and finished school, which is a huge achievement in itself.

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